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Urban Mobility Webinar

West FSI presented on "Changes in Urban Mobility" November 9, 2017.  Over 400 registered. To see the webinar recording go to:


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Rick West has been active in parking and parking real estate industry for over thirty years.  In the past fiften years this has included over one billion dollars in parking company mergers & acquisitions, dispositions and financings.  


A frequent theme has been partnering with institutional and private equity investors, both in public and private transactions, built around an investment thesis to create value around a company or set of assets such as a municipal parking system, parking company or parking real estate.


The goal is to generate a return on investment or, in a public sector setting, to generate stable cash flows to service tax exempt bonds sold that are secured by the public parking assets. 


Business development and marketing have also been focus areas supporting the emphasis on revenue growth as an enabler of value creation.


Active focus areas include:

  • Working with infrastructure firms investing in parking assets in urban, airport and campus settings. 
  • As a co-investor, acquiring urban parking garages and executing a value add strategy tied to each investment.
  • Advising investment banks and investors on how current and future changes in mobility will interact with urban and airport parking demand.


Go to the "Rick West CV" page for an indepth experience profile.

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