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Urban Mobility Webinar

West FSI presented on "Changes in Urban Mobility" November 9, 2017.  Over 400 registered. To see the webinar recording go to:


Mobile Apps

In property management, parking and the many other business sectors where companies work in a decentralized environment the work force is on the move every day spending a decreasing amount of time in an office... if they even have an office.  However, most of the everyday "process" activities of todays on the move workforce have not yet gone mobile residing on the web or worse...back in the office.




The cost, time commitment and skills required to move a key "process" onto a mobile platform by building a custom app is prohibitive.


West FSI's vision is to develop mobile apps for specific redundant "processes" that many businesses share and to white label the app with each business's brand and logo.  By sharing the app across businesses the cost to each business can be materially reduced allowing the menu of apps to keep increasing and existing apps to constantly be improved.


Each app is focused on a single "process" and is created with the input from launch partner companies.  Launch partner companies commit to use the app in return for their input into the apps design and functionality to make sure it meets their needs.


See the "What's New" page to learn more about the first shared app by West FSI.  More shared apps are in development so check back in.

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