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Urban Mobility Webinar

West FSI presented on "Changes in Urban Mobility" November 9, 2017.  Over 400 registered. To see the webinar recording go to:


Parking Real Estate



Urban Parking


West FSI partners with real estate funds to identify and acquire center city parking garages including stand-alone garages and mixed use projects with a material parking component.


West FSI often co-invests with partner real estate funds and provides follow on asset management services to execute the value add business plan.


Airport Parking


West FSI has represented multiple owner operators of near airport private parking operations in selling their business or to arrange mortgage financing.


A specialty area is advising owners seeking to retire to prepare their business to maximize value and to engage active buyers with a strong relationship with West FSI in confidential off-market valuation discussions.  This assists the owner in their decision to sell and keeps the sales process private.


Recent Transactions


West FSI invested in and is co-owner of the following parking garages located in four cities.


Atlanta, GA


In April 2017, West FSI and a capital partner acquired two garages on Martin Luther King Blvd. in Atlanta, GA.  Known as the Undergound Atlanta Garages, collectively the garages have 1,250 spaces and serve a variety of city, state and county buildings in the area, as well as, businesses in downtown Atlanta and also sports fans going to the new Mercese-Benz Stadium home to the Altana Falcons and United Atlanta FC.


Garage improvements include new LED lighting and elevator moderization.


Cleveland, OH


In November 2015, West FSI and a capital partner acquired the 1,100 space Huntington Garage located in downtown Cleveland.  The garage serves office towers in the area and an increasing number of historic and former office buildings that are being converted to residential use and hotels.  Improvements to the Huntington Garage include LED lighting, a new parking access and revenue control system and a general refurbishment throughout the garage.


Nashville, TN



In June 2015, West FSI and a capital partner acquired the well-known Printers Alley Garage in downtown Nashville. The garage includes 300 spaces and 8,000 sq. ft. of ground floor retail space.


Louisville, KY


In December 2014, West FSI and a capital partner acquired the Starks Parking Garage in downtown Louisville, KY.  The multi-level garage has 725 spaces and is across the street from a planned $300 million Omni Hotel project including hotel, residential and retail.

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