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Urban Mobility Webinar

West FSI presented on "Changes in Urban Mobility" November 9, 2017.  Over 400 registered. To see the webinar recording go to:


What's New

Interviewed In Toronto


At an infrastructure client annual investor conference in 2018, interviewed with another professional on mobility demand from London, looking at the future of airport and urban mobility.  Discussion covered a range of topics including autonomous vehicles ("AV"), electric vehicles ("EV"), U.S. AV government regulatory status, electric grid ability to support EV adoption, urban congestion and more.


West FSI Presents on Urban Mobility


On Novermeber 9, 2017, West FSI is presenting a webinar on "Staying Ahead of Urban Mobility Changes".  This free webinar is sponsored by Smarking and, according to Smarking, several hundred participants have already registered by Novermber 5th.


West FSI will discuss what's driving changes in urban mobility and will identify the interdependent intersection of regulatory, technology and consumer behavior that will slow, accelerate or change what may occur in the coming years.   


The topics, including autonomous vehicles, will assist real estate investors, parking operators and others to form or adjust their own perspective of how mobility changes will impact their view of urban parking.


To register to attend go to:


Powered by West FSI


In October 2014, West FSI is launching its first mobile app to automate the surveying of lighting systems in individual parking garages and lots.  Users answer questions in the app and take pictures from within the app of the types of light fixtures and of a recent utility invoice and click "Submit".


ECO Lighting Solutions is West FSI's lighting partner and upon receipt ECO performs an ROI Assessment of the cost benefit of upgrading the existing light to LED which can reduce utility consumption by as much as 75%.


ECO's assessment includes the availabiity of utility company or State energy trust fund rebates to identify projects that have superior pay back to the parking owner or management company.


We are in a mobile world and parking is an industry where most of a company's managers and field technicians are in the field and on the move.  Adoption of mobile apps empowers managers and other field personnel to add more value without adding more cost.  


By capturing information on a mobel app tailored to specific niche opportunities the workload to evaluate each opportunity, such as an LED lighting ROI evaluation by ECO, saves a company time and expense in identifying actionable projects.


Each parking company, equipment distributor or professional service firm utilizing this app can private label the app with their firm's logo at no cost.  


All lighting survey information each company submits is available to their firm through their own dedicated password via the West FSI cloud database.

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